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Art & Science

Leae is Both
Art & Science


Specialized commercial leasing broker can tell you there is a lot much more than what you see on the general public see’s on the web when it comes to lease. It is science can built equity and provide greater sustainability for the tenant or can drown the tenant in deep hole of debit. Designing and structuring the right lease make huge difference. Required sophisticated knowledge the following

  • Property type, class, requirement and standers.
  • Applicable utilization and creativity with alternative solutions. 
  • Deferent types of lease advantage and disadvantage 
  • Market trend
  • Economic trend , demographic and tapestry 
  • Various Leasing contract type, structure, use and essential clauses 
  • Planning and strategy 
  • Full understanding of the tenant business plan and millstone.
  • Expertise and knowledge best interest negotiation techniques
  • Alternative solution best and highest use (built to suit vs lease or other)
  • Network that capable of delivering “built to suit, TI, development or redevelopment”
  • Network, accessibility and know how anchor
  • Knowledge of local, federal and state regulations.
  • Different entities requirement of leasing structure 
  • Governmental vs public and private 
  • Legal & much much more!

Representing landlord and tenant and secure the best possible leasing outcome.

We have expertise all kind  off leasing and contact to governmental, State, Federal Anchored and privately held small all large

Leasing Tenant

Leasing Tenant

Leasing: Tenant Representation

If your business is outgrowing its current space, a CCREC Commercial Practitioner is your ideal partner for locating space, negotiating the most effective lease rate, and assisting in the strategic planning of your operation expansion.

Your CCREC Commercial Practitioner will assist with every stage in the relocation process, from site consulting and leasing or subletting to strategic planning and asset management. Backed by a successful global network, a CCREC Commercial Practitioner is the best choice to represent you as a tenant

Lease Landlord

Leasing Landlord

Leasing: Landlord Representation

CCREC Commercial Practitioners are ideal partners for lease reviews, restructuring and client negotiations. They use the best tools, online and offline, to give your property the broadest exposure possible. On your behalf, your CCREC Commercial Practitioner will conduct thorough searches to aggressively prospect, locate and qualify the best tenants, and then negotiate leasing agreements with the highest rates of return. Your CCREC Commercial Practitioner will also secure tenants to fill your vacant spaces to maximum occupancy levels. Backed by the most recognized global brand in real estate, CCREC Commercial Practitioners can maximize your property exposure and assist with every step of the leasing process.

CCREC Commercial Practitioners are part of the world’s most productive real estate network, with the latest and best tools to assist you in achieving your business goals. They serve as ideal asset managers, facilities managers and consultants. Through your CCREC Commercial Practitioner, you tap into a vast pool of research, market analytics, metrics and data that can help you leverage your business assets into global business growth. Those are just a few of many benefits of working with CCREC Commercial.
CCREC Commercial Practitioners provide corporate and governmental agencies with strategic options guidance and specialized counsel, and are key advisors for a wide range of consulting services.