Item of Value

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Does Google point out the obvious?

Google would not point out the obvious!

Here we have something very obvious and full of common sense, yet almost every investor misses it.

Value either

Value either up or { } and if value is not captured at the up trend will be lost at the { } trend.

With this simple fact the simple question is : What are you going to do about it?


The 2nd missed question is: 
 If there is one item to add value to an investment, what will it be? And if there is no change to the value-added, what is the anticipated direction of value; up or down?

No one plans to fail, but almost everyone fails to plan. 

Risk of Irrelevancy

Risk of irrelevancy. 

Education, Background, and Expertise these the three risk investor all over the board without limit are taking without any idea.

Let us take for example investment company hiring CFO. Now the three required filed for applicant (a) Relevant education (b) Relevant expertise (c) Relevant background. Isn’t this very obvious!

Let us see what happen when it comes to real estate investment?

Engineer with Irrelevant background, Irrelevant education, Irreverent expertise will make investment decision taking three risks not one risk.

How about real estate agent. Residential isn’t obvious. Still have the three irrelevancy. If you don’t see this Let us take this in the transportation filed You would not have your pilot to fly your commercial airplane simply because he has a license. why different rules, expertise and training.

You see Google would not point out the obvious isn’t that what you see when it comes to investment.

Since value added in the real estate either active and passive, most investor count only on the passive value added. Passive value added comes in from appreciation in the value due to the economic cycle and changing of the purchasing power.