Investment planning

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Corporate Investment Planning.

No one plan to fail but almost one fails to plan!

Compare our innovative CCREC model to any existing

Innovative CCREC Module of organizational sustainability. 
Corporate investment planning focuses on shifting the cost center in an organization to profit center utilizing the organization commercial properties, economical trend and cyclic industries. A plan that aligns the core business plans, goals and milestones to reach sustainability throughout the various trends . We refer to this module as CCREC Organization sustainability

Portfolio Wealth Management.

Continuous improvements of portfolio performance require establishing effective management practices and processes to guide the portfolio performance. Any organization, regardless of size, function, or mission can develop an effective wealth program if they are willing to make the commitment.

CCREC provides a proven strategy for creating a portfolio enhancement program focused on continuous improvement of performance. The process builds on the commitment organizations make when they become a CCREC partner.

Based on the successful practices of CCREC partners, these guidelines for portfolio management can assist your organization in improving its commercial property financial performance.

Many organizations can use Guidelines to tailor their approach towards managing a commercial property portfolio that delivers results and demonstrates leadership.

The Guidelines for portfolio enhancement follow five main steps that are outlined below and illustrated in the graphic:

  1. Make the Commitment: Either you do or you don’t, there is no in-between 
  2. Assess Performance (Portfolio Analysis.
  3. Create Action Plan: No one plans to fail, but many fail to plan.
  4. Implement Action Plan
  5. Recognize Achievements

Successful planning of an organization’s interaction and handling of real estate should:

  •  Enable monetizing assets throughout the different phases of real estate cycle.
  • Act not react. in forecast and anticipation of various economic, market, local, national, global parapets.

Lease vs buy, hold vs sell, sale leaseback, Exchange, Acquistions, Disposition, Build to suit, Development, Expansion, Redevelopment.

CCREC team create an unprecedented strategic plan based on research that incorporates with your organization’s vision of your empire. This plan which phase of the real estate cycle that lead to maximizing your organizations ROI.

Commercial Investment

CCREC Commercial Practitioners adeptly represent all aspects of commercial investments, for both acquisitions and dispositions. They work with not only large investment groups and REITS, but also small or intermediate-level investment professionals. As members of a global real estate network with comprehensive investment and business asset resources, CCREC Commercial Practitioners offer professional market knowledge on local market data, financing and investment strategies.

CCREC Commercial Practitioners understand business, investments, client satisfaction and the sense of urgency in today’s business environment.

CCREC connecting vision to realty