What is the meaning of “Monetize”?

 Monetize: To convert almost anything tangible and/or intangible into money” TM

The term “monetize” is a must-know term for any investor before rolling up his or her sleeves and jumping in the investments boat. An asset is anything tangible and/or intangible that has value, so understanding how to monetize assets is the critical fine line that differs between building an empire or filing bankruptcy. Valueis relative worth, utilities, and importance.

Everyone monetizes without even thinking about it. For example, anyone can monetize their knowledge or expertise in the form of a job. This means exchanging the value of someone’s knowledge, time, or expertise into money.

Identifying the asset precisely then strategically monetizing these assets makes a huge difference in the asset’s value.

When it comes to an organization’s assets, it is very common to see most organizations are missing out on monetizing one or more of its greatest assets. The uniqueness of each organization’s asset is the same as the uniqueness of each individual’s talent and capabilities.

Monetizing Assets

The successful strategic process of monetizing an organization’s assets is a very detailed, planned process that becomes ultimately the core vine of an organization’s longevity and vision accomplishment.

How it works in three steps:

1.  Step 1

2.  Step 2

3.  Step 3

Here some example of the asset equity:

Active strategic planning monitors the equity in assets and monetizes accordingly. There are several types of equities in assets.

The most commonly known equity on assets is equity in real estate. Most-known equity built in real estate is due to the holding period while paying off the debt. In any organization, there are other factors that dramatically influence the equity in assets. These factors can effect the equity of the asset in either direction: negative or positive, up or down.

Timely and precisely monitoring these factors, will help determine the anticipated shift in equity. Strategically monetizing these assets plays an active role to help determine the direction of contributors in building the organization’s empire of wealth and longevity, as well as a shield hedge against the economic market turbulences.

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